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8000 Gallon Vertical Tank UL-142 Single WallSingle Wall Tanks (UL-142)

FMC Tanks supplies a variety of Single Wall Tanks in capacities ranging from 5 gallons to 40,000 gallons. Single Wall Tanks are available in either Rectangular or Cylindrical Geometries and can be dimensionally modified to accommodate unique space requirements. Single Wall Tanks are constructed using a single sheet thickness of steel as the primary tank. Material thickness will vary depending on the size and geometry of the tank. All single wall tanks are air-tested at the factory at 5.0 psig to verify tank performance and integrity. Single Wall Tanks have no inherent “secondary means of containment” in the event the primary steel tank leaks or is ruptured. Single Wall Tanks are satisfactory for many industrial applications. Please consult your local fire code officials and regulatory agencies for additional guidance with projects requiring single wall tanks.

Single Wall Steel Tanks are manufactured in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL142, Steel Aboveground Tanks for Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids. This construction standard mandates minimum steel gage thickness meeting ASTM specifications that must be used in the construction of single wall steel tanks that carry the Underwriters Laboratories UL142 label. All UL142 tanks supplied by FMC Tanks are supplied with the properly sized normal and emergency vent openings to affect the safe venting of tanks in the event of a fire or rapid temperature increase. Customized tank openings and equipment can be ordered and installed at the factory to satisfy specific system requirements. FMC Tanks can supply your tank in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Interior linings and/or exterior coatings can be applied to effect compatibility with unique liquid products or to provide long-term corrosion, chemical and impact/abrasion resistance.



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